Top brand sunglasses,

100% UV protection

Choosing the right sunglasses will give your eyes all the protection they need. We stock a comprehensive range of designer brands and stunning styles offering 100% UV protection.

Not just for summer

We usually think about shopping for sunglasses in the summer months or when we're packing for a holiday, but its extremely important to protect your vision in bright sunlight at all times, especially against the hidden dangers of ultraviolet rays. And of course the glare of a sun low in the sky can be very dangerous when driving.

Man driving car with bright glare on windscreen
Man looking at mobile phone wearing reflective sunglasses

Through the lens

Sunglasses come in many forms, each offering different benefits. A wide range of of lens materials are also available, many of which are lightweight yet virtually shatterproof, making them ideal, for example, for sports enthusiasts, while photochromatic lenses automatically adjust their tint depending on light levels.

UV protection

Lenses with full UVA and UVB protection will filter out the invisible ultraviolet radiation that can cause damage to the corneas, cataracts and even cancer.

All of our sunglasses come with UV protection to the highest British and European standards, with the relevant quality assurance marks confirming the lenses are fit for purpose.

Woman sitting on beach wearing sunglasses

Prescription lenses

If you already wear spectacles, you can still have quality sunglasses. Many of our frames can be made to your individual prescription with single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses and can also be made thinner for those with high optical prescriptions.

We can also advise you on the optimum style and lens options, ensuring your eyes receive the best possible protection.

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